About AgriFoodTure

The AgriFoodTure partnership unites universities, knowledge and innovation institutions,
SMEs and large national and international companies, civil society actors and authorities
in a common vision for Danish agricultural and food production.

AgriFoodTure is a partnership consisting of national and international universities, knowledge institutions and companies with green ambitions to transform the agriculture and food production in Denmark. The broad partnership and collaboration is AgriFoodTure’s DNA and the cornerstone in driving the green transformation. All interested parties are invited to join the partnership.


The AgriFoodTure Partnership

AgriFoodTure is the outcome of a joint roadmap, written and submitted by around 300 researchers and experts from all Danish universities and several development organisations in the Danish food cluster in connection with Innovation Fund Denmark’s Innomission 3 call in April 2021.

The AgriFoodTure partnership facilitates Danish actors who want to become attractive partners in competitive, international public-private partnership consortia. The AgriFoodTure partnership does this by connecting stakeholders from industry, government, academia and civil society, reducing transaction costs and speeding up key decisions so high-impact solutions can be fast-tracked into society.

Join AgriFoodTure

As a member or project partner of AgriFoodTure you join to participate in forming the future of a green agriculture and food production. 

 Meet AgriFoodtures partnership 


AgriFoodTure wants to position Denmark as the leader for innovative, disruptive solutions that enable the green transition of the agri-food system and contribute to:

  • Achieving a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Denmark by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050.
  • Protecting the environment and supporting Danish nature and biodiversity.
  • Increasing the competitiveness of Danish business and industry.


The mission is to power a new generation of green export opportunities, securing the climate, environment and biodiversity while safeguarding food production and employment.

AgriFoodTure will work fast to create strong, results-oriented research and innovation collaborations that build solutions across relevant fields of specialist expertise.

Within agriculture, where plants, animals, soil, water and energy are closely interconnected, AgriFoodTure will apply a circular, holistic approach to create sustainable solutions for Denmark and the world.

AgriFoodTure Roadmap

AGRI-FOOD TRANSITION: A systems appoach in a multi-stakeholder, multi-process integrated system.

Read more about AgriFoodTure’s mission roadmap report
Roadmap report can be downloaded here:

An extended version of the mission roadmap report is published as a white paper and can be found here: