Through regular calls, AgriFoodTure grant funding for projects that support
the mission goals for
the partnership. So far, two calls have been announced.

Upcoming calls 

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Pool 2 

In January 2023, the latest call for AgriFoodTure project applications – also known as Pool 2 – with a budget of DKK 75 million was announced. The application deadline was 17 April 2023.  

Pool 1

In September 2021, the first call for AgriFoodTure project applications – also known as Pool 1 – was announced. 

The AgriFoodTure Board of Directors evaluated and prioritized 26 project applications from the call, following the initial screening of 61 Expressions of Interest. The project applications represented 87 different and financially committed companies, universities and other organizations spanning the entire agri-food sector of Denmark and with representation from abroad. 

The Board of Directors decided to initiate 11 projects amounting to approx. DKK 50 million in Pool 1. Impact of the projects is across the AgriFoodTure roadmap including all tracks, but in addition also addressing several of the directions laid out in the recent political agreement on green transition. 

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