AgriFoodTure appoints The Novo Nordisk Foundation board observer

Denmark’s broad, green research and innovation partnership AgriFoodTure strengthens its Board of Directors,with The Novo Nordisk Foundation joining the Board as an observer.

This is stated by the chairman of AgriFoodTure, CEO of Arla Foods, Peder Tuborgh.

AgriFoodTure’s vision is to accelerate the green transition in agricultural and food production. The partnership consists of more than 40 partners and was formed based on a common roadmap, established and published by almost 300 actors from universities, knowledge and innovation institutions, national and international companies to organisations and authorities.

With a grant from The Innovation Fund Denmark in April 2022 of DKK 201 million, AgriFoodTure is one of four mission-driven green research and innovation partnerships, enabled to contribute with effective research and new solutions to the green transition. The results generated in the partnership will help Denmark reach its climate goals in 2030 and 2050. AgriFoodTure’s first research projects are already well underway.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is the largest private research foundation in Denmark. Every year, the fund is behind billion-dollar grants to researchers in, among others, the field of sustainable food production and agricultural systems.

  • It is very relevant to get Novo Nordisk Foundation close to AgriFoodTure’s important work with climate solutions and research in green transition. In this way, we are strengthening the broad Danish collaboration to research and developing strong solutions for the green transition both nationally and internationally, states Peder Tuborgh.
  • The core of AgriFoodTure is to accelerate the green transition by combining the capacitates across the research and commercial arena, across different research fields and across the private and public sector. We need knowledge and results that can be translated into reality and have a documented effect as quickly as possible, says Peder Tuborgh.

Claus Felby, Senior Vice President with responsibility for biotechnology at The Novo Nordisk Foundation, who joins the Board of Directors on behalf of the foundation, says:

  • We need sustainable technologies and methods to radically change and improve our food systems and landuse. In the green transformation of agriculture and food production, we need research, new knowledge and new technologies that are sustainable – also when it comes to ensuring nutritious food for a growing population in the world, which unfortunately has only become more urgent due to the global food crisis.
  • Where AgriFoodTure primarily focuses on solutions for implementation within a shorter number of years, we at The Novo Nordisk Foundation focus on the longer perspective, and we support research that can help the development of ground-breaking solutions. We need both mindsets and research approaches to achieve solutions that can help our society towards climate neutrality and a more sustainable agricultural and food industry, says Claus Felby.

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