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Project in the Spotlight: AQRIFood

The core of AgriFoodTure is the projects which moves the partnership towards the overall mission goals by generating new knowledge, data and products. One of the projects is AQRIFood which project manager Christian Bugge Henriksen answers 3 questions about here:

What is your goal with the project?
To advance the quality of plant-based raw materials and ingredients for food applications made with oat, pea and faba beans. The project will accelerate the green transition by establishing the foundation for developing superior plant-based food products, and exploiting the potential for Denmark to become a leader in the increasing global market for plant-based foods.

What is the current status of the project?
We are currently analyzing the nutritional, functional and sensory quality of different cultivars of oat, pea and barley to determine their suitability for plant-based food applications. This includes oat drink and meat alternatives based on isolates, concentrates and extrudates.

What are your preliminary findings?
It seems that whereas there are limited differences between the nutritional functionality of different cultivars, there are substantial differences in the functional quality. Furthermore, the project has shown that there is an urgent need for more pilot-scale processing facilities for making ingredients for plant-based food applications.

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