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Arla CEO reelected as chairman of AgriFoodTure

Arla CEO Peder Tuborgh has just been reelected as the chairman of the innovation partnership AgriFoodTure which aims to accelerate the green transition of the agri-food sector.

With DKK 201 million in funding from the Innovation Fund, the partnership AgriFoodTure aims to develop new solutions and technologies that speed up the green transition of the agricultural and food sector while enhancing the sector’s competitiveness. Since 2022, the CEO of Arla, Peder Tuborgh, has been serving as the chairman, and now the experienced executive has been reelected for another term.

“AgriFoodTure is unique because the partnership works across the entire value chain to address one of society’s biggest challenges: the green transformation of the agricultural and food sector. We can only become better and more climate-friendly if universities, companies, research institutions, and authorities collaborate to achieve the goal. I am pleased to continue participating in the development of innovative solutions that support the necessary reduction of greenhouse gases in the industry,” says Peder Tuborgh.

Eskild Holm Nielsen, the dean at Aarhus University, who has been a member of AgriFoodTure’s board since 2022, has been elected as the new vice chairman.

AgriFoodTure consists of national and international universities, knowledge institutions, and companies with green ambitions for the transformation of agriculture and food production in Denmark. The vision of the partnership is to position Denmark as the leading country in an innovative and disruptive green transformation of agricultural and food production.

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