Project in the Spotlight: LOWHIGH

The core of AgriFoodTure is the projects that move the partnership towards the overall mission goals by generating new knowledge, data, and products. One of the projects is LOWHIGH, which project manager Torkild Birkmose answers 3 questions about here:

What is your goal with the project?
The goal is embedded in the name LOWHIGH. The purpose is low emissions and higher resource utilization of animal manure. For several hundred years, animal manure has been handled in essentially the same way from the animals to the fields, and we want to introduce modern technology that optimizes the process.

How will the project contribute to the green transition?
Significantly! About 30 percent of agricultural climate impact comes from the handling of animal manure, so the potential for improved manure handling is huge.

What is the current status of the project?
The project has eight partners, and everyone is actively engaged in various activities. We don’t have any results yet, and the most exciting part of the project will be in the final phase where we integrate the results from different sub-projects and create a dynamic scenario calculator.

LOWHIGH works with the entire chain, but the key components are frequent manure removal from barns and optimized biogas production, pyrolysis, application of biochar, nitrous oxide emissions from applied manure and removal of barriers in legislation.

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