Our mission is brewing – 46 partners already onboard

The mission driven AgriFoodTure partnership was established in April this year and a great deal has been accomplished already. 46 partners are involved, 11 projects are already underway, and we have a Mission Director on board. This was presented in the recent annual review to the Innovation Fund Denmark.

The rise of Denmark’s first mission driven green innovation partnership

AgriFoodTure was officially launched on the 7th of April 2022. Since then, 46 partners have joined the partnership, and 11 projects are funded by AgriFoodTure – all contributing to our green research mission. The partners include academia, commercial companies, GTS and knowledge institutions. See the full list of partners .

During our first year we have been engaged in several conferences, debates, and dialogue meetings to expand our partnership circle, promote our mission driven work and share our vision for Danish agriculture and food production.

Welcome to AgriFoodTure’s Mission Director

December 1st 2022 we welcomed Mission Director Anette Engelund Friis. Whilst taking AgriFoodTure to the next level, Anette will oversee the advancement of the existing projects and ongoing initiatives, initiate the recruitment of additional partners and projects alongside the Board of Directors, and raise further funding for upcoming projects.

AgriFoodTure will continue to rely on a Mission Management Team from our key partners; SEGES Innovation, Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen.

11 projects have joined

The first project applications, also known as Pool 1, were launched earlier this year; all projects considered to be contributing to our common mission of supporting the sustainable transformation of the agri-food sector in Denmark. View the full list of projects supporting the sustainable transformation of the agri-food sector in Denmark .

In the beginning of the new year, we will initiate a second call for agri-food projects, and we encourage ambitious initiators to apply. We will announce the second call, also referred to as Pool 2, in January 2023.

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