Increasing the protein yield of perennial forage crops and improving biorefining efficiency to produce bioeconomically sustainable livestock feed.


The aim of the project is to develop sustainable livestock feed by increasing the protein content of perennial forage crops and improving the efficiency of protein extraction.
Feed for monogastric animals such as pigs and poultry is currently based on imported soy, which is the cheapest way to meet their protein needs. The development of a viable, forage-based alternative would reduce the carbon footprint of livestock production and contribute to a more sustainable, local bioeconomy.


The project is expected to run for three years.
The concentration, distribution and digestibility of protein in different grass species will be measured and the nitrate responses determined for the most promising varieties.
The main focus is to develop an improved pressing method that will increase the effi-ciency of protein extraction by 70-80%.
The nutritional quality of the protein products will be evaluated by chemical analyses, in vitro digestibility and feeding experiments with pigs and dairy cows.

Expected results:

The project will enable the production of sustainable, forage-based feed for monogastric livestock, reducing reliance on cereals and soy imports. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a local circular bioeconomy.
In addition, the production of sustainable protein will help meet the carbon reduction goals of Danish livestock production and create jobs within biorefining in rural areas.

Project information


AU, Vestjyllands Andel, DLF

Project manager:

Prof. Søren Krogh Jensen, AU

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End date:


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