Developing low climate impact chicken


LowCLIC, aims to facilitate the development of a climate neutral welfare chicken, by reducing carbon footprint throughout the production chain of slower growing and conventional broilers without compromising animal welfare.

The overall objectives are to reduce carbon footprint from feed and manure, accounting for 95% of total greenhouse gas emissions from the chicken production chain.



Carbon footprint from feed will be reduced by lowering the use of soya and reducing kg feed per chicken by:

  • Developing new nutritional norms for slower growing broilers
  • Testing new feed ingredients such as enzymes, insect-, and grass protein
  • Implementing a new health surveillance system.


Carbon footprint from poultry manure will be reduced by:

  • Developing a manual for optimized gas production via co-digestion of manure from chickens reared on different types of feed and litter
  • Improving separation, drying and NH3 capturing of biogas digestate and fluid to optimize the pyrolysis process.


Expected results

  • LowCLIC is expected to cut off 40% of the total carbon footprint per chicken
  • Improvements on the feed side is expected to cut off 2,7 kg CO2e per chicken (incl. LUC)
  • Improvements on the manure side is expected to cut off 0,9 kg CO2e per chicken.


Finally, LowCLIC will strengthen the links between feed, management, and manure utilization throughout the chicken value chain.

Project information


SEGES Innovation, Aviagen Ltd, DSM Nutritional Products, Saksager I/S, Hornsyld Købmandsgård, Vrejlev Biogas ApS, Vrejlev Energi ApS, Frijsenborg Poultry A/S, Københavns Universitet, Aarhus Universitet.

Project manager:

Jette Søholm Petersen, SEGES Innovation

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