Low emissions and high energy production in manure handling chains.


The project aims to reduce emissions from manure handling and increase energy production from manure.
Gaps in the manure-handling chain lead to emissions of greenhouse gasses and ammonia and low energy utilisation. Optimising the handling chain and closing some of these gaps will reduce emissions, increase energy production and support the transition to fossil-free, sustainable food production.


The project is set to run for three years.
Emission mitigation will be explored through the use of organic acid for slurry acidification and through the treatment of stored, digested biomass.
Optimisation of biogas production will be investigated by developing and installing a post-digestion gas tank unit.
The project will also examine opportunities to improve biochar pellet quality by optimising the drying, pelletising and pyrolysis processes. Finally, improved application strategies on farmland will be explored.
The accumulated impact on emissions and biogas potential will be calculated for the entire handling chain and upscaled to document the potential of wider implementation. An analysis of regulatory and market barriers for trade of products will be carried out.

Expected results:

The project will produce a number of novel insights, production methods and so on, which will be owned by the project partners.
The results are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Danish animal production by 1.1 million tons of CO2-equivalents a year.
The technologies are further expected to create several thousand jobs in rural areas.

Project information


SEGES Innovation, KU, AU, Stiesdal, Nature Energy, JH Agro, Klimafonden Skive, Samson Agro

Project manager:

M.Agr. Torkild Birkmose, SEGES Innovation

Start date:


End date:


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