Enhancing Growth and Performance of Cultivated Muscle Cells through Targeted Hydrolysis


  • MuscleFuel will create nutrients for cell culture from animal and non-animal biomass that can increase the production of cultivated meat as an alternative to traditional meat production
  • Upcycling of blood from the slaughterhouse as nutrients for cultivated meat will increase the output per slaughtered animal
  • Utilizing a carbon-capture algae as nutrients will lower the impact of cultivated meat



MuscleFuel will reach proof of concept of the use of porcine blood and microalgae as nutrient for cultivated meat through 6 research and development work packages

  • Collection of blood and microalgae biomass
  • Fractionation of biomass for hydrolysis
  • Targeted hydrolysis of biomass fractions using AI and enzyme engineering
  • Screening of nutrients as resources for proliferation of satellite cell culture
  • Characterization of nutrients
  • Live cycle assessment of blood and microalgae as potential resources for proliferation of satellite cells for cultivated meat


Expected results

MuscleFuel will demonstrate the potential in one available biomass (blood) to be upcycled and an upcoming biomass as future nutrients for satellite cells in the production of cultivated meat. MuscleFuel will deliver proof of concepts at lab scale combined with LCA models tor the two biomasses. After the project the results can be used in the upscaling of the cultivated meat production.


Project information


Aarhus Universitet, Syngens, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Algiecel & Danish Crown

Project manager:

Margrethe Therkildsen, Aarhus University

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